Story WIP!

Hello! I wanted to say I am currently working  on my longest story ever! It is going to be a novel, and if you want to read chapter one, it’s on Wattpad! My user for Wattpad is Wisteriaiswisteria and the story is titled The Only Ocean.

Happy reading!


I feel really bad……

Hey everyone, it’s me. I know I said I was going to be posting over the summer and summer’s almost over….

I feel really bad because 84 days ago was my 1 year blog anniversary and I wanted to write posts, I just….

I’m sorry. If anyone’s even reading this I’m sorry. I will try my absolute hardest to post on this blog and on Doll Love. I have two Instagram accounts, one is for animal crossing, it’s @Mayor_wisteria and the other is for dolls and it’s @bubblygumm

I’m making another one for my American Girl doll  I’ll tell you what is is when I make it.

Thanks for reading this

Hi guys! I am not dead! School is out and now I can post more on both blogs! Doll Love will keep it’s theme but This blog will be truned into and Animal Crossing New leaf Blog. It will be about my town Fruit, the residents, the events, and of course me the mayor! ( Wisteria)


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